We are a well established training provider, delivering high-quality gas training and assessments to the LPG and leisure industries since 2002.

We offer a number of services including training, publications and consultancy services.

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If you have any questions about training solutions contact us by email mail@lpgtraining.co.uk or call 01244 539997
Why Choose LPG Training?
A lifetime of experience in the gas industry has given us a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This extensive experience allows us to understand and anticipate industry trends, and provide valuable insights and solutions to our customers. We have also built a strong network of professional contacts and relationships.
Our small class sizes provide numerous benefits for attendees, we offer a personalised approach, providing more opportunities for participation and interaction with candidates, and the ability to work at a comfortable pace.
Our training courses are held at your preferred location, for example, your workplace or a local facility, making it more convenient for you as well as saving you both travel and hotel costs.
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