About LPG Training

Ian Oultram MIGEM

LPG Training was formed in 2002 and started life as an entirely mobile operation. This was a unique solution  at the time, with our main core of customers being holiday and residential park owners/operators.

At this time it was necessary to develop our own training manuals to satisfy sectors that were not catered for by any other publications. We have since written training manuals bespoke to ten different LPG sectors. 

Over many years our expertise in the development and provision of bespoke training and assessment  solutions for clients involved in the LPG industry has proved extremely popular. 

We deliver our courses onsite across the UK, this coupled with the availability of our online training and range of manuals means we are able to offer our high-quality services worldwide.

Ian’s original idea of high-quality, fit-for-purpose training is still the leading principle behind our company.